Hier eine Übersicht aller Kreaturen. (Wir übersetzen diese gerade 😉 daher sind diese noch auf Englisch)

Alpaca Fuzzy and ridable
Bat The common cavedweller
Bark Beetles Tougher cookie than the rest
Blowfish A slow, large, aggressive fish.
BumbleBee Found in the Grasslands.
Camel The ultimate desertwalker
Cat The purrfect companion
Cow Moo!
Crab Crab can be tamed using Strawberry Cocktail
Crow It can’t rain all the time.
Duckbill That’s platypus
Elves Fast and furious.
Fly Flying creatures almost as big as the player.
Frightener Looks like a ghost. Found in the Desert.
Frogmen Frogcreatures that wander around, can either be friendly or hostile
Gnobold Often found roaming in NPC Groups.
Gnolls Often found roaming in NPC Groups.
Hornet A type of hostile mobs in cube world.
Horse The Horse is a rideable pet.
Jungle Dragon
Lantern Fish A hostile mob that are found in Oceans.
Lizardmen Lizardmen are medium-sized creatures with scales and a big mouth.
Lemon Fish They’re yellowcoloured, small, unaggressive fish.
Mole Mole can be tamed using Chocolate Donut.
Monkeys Monkey can be tamed using banana split.
Midge Flying insect
Maw Fish A large, aggressive fish with an enlarged upper jaw.
Nomad People of the desert, spawn in deserts biomes. Mostly Hostile.
Ogre An aggressive monster that acts similar to the Troll.
Onionling They drop onion slice upon death which can be used for recipes.
Pigs Often spawn in towns.
Plain runner
Piranha Grey, somewhat large and quick, aggressive fish.
Raccoons Furry creatures of doom.
Saurian A very destructive, giant monster. They can take out huge parts of the landscape. It’s appearance is a mix between a turtle, rhino and a dinosaur.
Sheep Sheep can be tamed using Cotton Candy
Skull Bull Large, aggressive Bull-like creatures, but their skulls are exposed, hence the name.
Sapphire Fish They’re bluecoloured, small. unaggressive fish
Scottish Terrier Scottish Terrier can be tamed using Croissant.
Shark A shark is an aggressive fish.
Seahorse A seahorse is a small, blue, un-aggressive seahorse.
Terriers Dogs. Tamable with Waffle.
Undead Comes in various forms; Mages, Rangers, Rogues etc.
Yeti You don’t want to mess with these guys.

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